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Bibliotheca Germanica

Texts of the Germanic Middle Ages and Early Modern Period - Bilingual Editions and Translations
Edited by Evelyn S. FIRCHOW and Hans FIX
ISSN 0177-9125

Nur Band 3 und 4 erschienen / Only Volumes 3 and 4 published

Volume 3


Vita Karoli Magni / The Life of Charlemagne

Bilingual Edition (Latin/English) by Evelyn S. Firchow and Edwin H. Zeydel +


1985, 95 p. 24,90 €
ISBN 978-3-922441-49-6


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Volume 4

Johannes Trithemius

Annales de Origine Gentis Francorum

Bilingual Edition (Latin/English) by Martin Kuelbs+ and Robert P. Sonkowsky


1987, 335 p. 47,- €
ISBN 978-3-922441-52-6


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