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Bibliotheca Germanica Series Nova - Volume 1

Peter A. Jorgensen (Ed.)


Valla-Ljóts Saga

Bilingual Edition (Icelandic/English) of MS AM 161 fol.
1991, 120 p. 24,- €
ISBN 978-3-922441-59-5



Valla-Ljóts saga is typical of the Family Sagas in that the primary motivational force is honor, but this saga goes further than most members of its genre in being so single-minded in its exploitation of honor as the single explanation for the thoughts and actions of men. (introduction, p. 27)


Peter A. Jorgensen received his A.B. degree from Princeton University, studied as a Fulbright Scholar in Vienna and as a Marshall Fellow in Copenhagen, and received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University. His research areas include Icelandic literature translated from Middle English and Latin, 18th-century saga forgeries, the Bear's Son Folktale, the linguistic classification of loanwords, and the travels of the Ripuarian Pilgrim Arnold von Harff. Dr. Jorgensen, who has taught at the University of California at Riverside, is currently Professor of Germanic Languages at the University of Georgia.


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